In Milan, city symbol of Italian fashion, the tradition that has made the art of Made in Italy world famous, grows, garment after garment. Anyone can dream up a great italian shopping experience, but it can be hard to find someone that really knows authentic italian high quality fashion and not only common brands. For this reason we decided to make available the continuous research we do inside Milan and also thanks to the utmost Italian fashion experts. Thanks to our exclusive personal shopping service you’ll have the chance to buy from home or in Milan precious masterful creations that you would never find otherwise. The most interesting offers from independent fashion brands that you won’t find in your city. You will advice on the collections of the historic fashion houses that pair up best with your fashion sensibility.

Are you ready to find the perfect garment for your wardrobe and that particular piece that will render your style memorable?


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In order to offer you the the best experience possible, you could choose to live your shopping with an exclusive image consulting service to see colors, shapes and styles that bring out the best in your look and personality or by the best personal shopping guide that will complement your shopping preferences the best:

    Travel into the world of quality ready to wear, discover the best garments and accessories fashioned by hand like single pieces or very limited number of pieces of designer works. One of a kind garments that will surprise you stitch after stitch.


    A chance to become the designer of your own style, experiencing the pleasure of commissioning the handcrafted heritage that is Italian fashion, have the sketches of our young designers come to life, have antique creations done, or have your own ideas created.


    A high couture shopping experience in search of garments whose result is born out of the utmost craftsmanship, precious fabrics and design charged with research and poetry.

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